Chicken legs, chicken pown for sale directly from the chicken factory for sale !

Chicken leg, chicken pown for sale ! 3 offers !

Dear Client !   18.May.2024

Chicken leg, chicken pown for sale ! The price is very good, the chicken leg is for sale directly from the chicken factory !

*Offer 1*   Price: about 1590 usd /MT CIF.

Item Description Qty per 40″ FCL/CIF Total (USD$) CIFA product: 1 piece: per 40 Ft container

Packaging: 20 kg bags in boxes, refrigerated.

Quantity: 27 MT 40Ft per container

Frequency: monthly x 12

Delivery: CIF to any port

Country of origin: Brazil

Payment: 20% on order 80% on presentation of BOL and full documentation

Minimum order: 810 Mtonna, *Trial minimum 5 container ( *20% deposit required, which is only about 42,800 USD which you transfer to the factory.) Of course your buyer can visit the factory, but first LOI and financial proof is required. They will send you the FCO and details of the factory visit.

If you want 100% LC payment, it is possible this offer 2

*Offer 2*   NEW CHICKEN OFFER   payment SBLC/DLC  ; FOB or CIF

BRAZIL Chicken part prices MAY

Product: Chicken Paws, legs

Supply: Production Pre-order

Origin & Port of Departure: Brazil

Supplied brands: BRF & major Brazilian brands

MOQ: 20 containers (27MT each) / month


Basic information

– 3-party SPA, between Buyer, Malaysia Distribution Seller and the Brand (BRF)

– SBLC/DLC to Seller


– ICPO and LC Verbiage for approval

– SPA Sign

– Warehouse visit (optional) + Documents review

– Buyer can check and verify the contract with the BRF Shanghai office

– Buyer issues SBLC/DLC to Seller

– If buyer does not visit the warehouse, the specific documents can be reviewed by lawyer to lawyer

– Goods arrangement

– SGS and other documents copies to Buyer

– Buyer check documents copies for payment;  Buyer can visit warehouse for inspection;  Buyer can check the documents with BRF Shanghai office too.

– Buyer arrange payment by MT103 to the Seller

– Arrange shipment

Price DLC transferable

– CIF USD 3,450,

– FOB USD 3,150,

– Markup allocation and service charge, to be discussed.


– Payment must be arranged by MT103 at the port of shipment

– No trial orders and directly to annual orders.

– When issuing an ICPO, it must include SBLC/DLC issuing bank information, buyer’s passport, buyer’s company certificate and other complete information.

– Transaction records / POF and import license will be requsted.

– Buyer needs to show that they are able to import the goods to the China.

– For FOB, buyer needs to be 100% sure they are able to handle shipment by own.

*Offer  3 *  

Russian factory suplier also has A+ chicken feet ,DLC with transferable payment.   Price: 3150-/MT $

BRG, Zoltan Petrovszki

main koordinator

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